Friday, 24 August 2012

5. VeggyNAISE


VeggyNaise is a 100% vegetarian 

& vegan (dairy-free & egg-free). 

Healthy, with no added preservative & additives 

& very high in protein,

 VeggyNaise is extremely natural

convenient to use,

making it ideal for the weight conscious

and health conscious.

Very versatile, with an array

of refreshing flavors, it can be used

as a spread, dip, filling & topping.

Spread it!
on chappathi, bread, dosa, crackers...

Dip it!

with fresh cut veggies, chips, bread sticks, rusk,
samosa, tikki, chips, french fries, snacks...

Fill it!

in sandwiches,katti rolls, burgers, dosa rolls,
tart shells, canapes, potato shells, pasta shells, rolls...

Top it!

on fresh sprouts, mashed potato, fresh veg salads, 
boiled veg salads, pasta salads, starters...

It is the ace up ur sleeve to magically

and effortlessly transform even

the most mundane & uninspired

foods in a hurry for the family 

or for a stylish party.

The VeggyNaise range features 3 delicious flavors- 


Pepper - Garlic

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